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Who Are We

Exciting news... We are hosting a 2 day Warhammer 6th edition event  called
‘Tales from the Old World: War Of The Everchosen.’

No upcoming events at the moment


The end times never happened.

Archaon died on the walls of Altdorf and his hordes were scattered to the winds.

Defeated, the Chaos gods demand Daemon Prince Be'lakor find a new leader for their final and decisive invasion of the Old World.

Malevolent generals gather their armies and march deep into the Chaos Wastes to earn the title of Everchosen.

Can you claim the crown? (And bragging rights in the Warhammer community?)

Over a 2 day tournament, you will have five 2500 point battles to fight for the title of Everchosen.

There is going to be a lot of ‘evil’ armies competing but for generals of ‘good’ armies don’t worry…unknown to your army (who think they are stepping into the wastes to put an end to the chaos threat), their general has been secretly corrupted by the Chaos Gods and he/she too has grown the desire to be crowned the next Everchosen. 

You can use any army but you must paint a general (same race as your army) that has become visibly ‘corrupted’ by a chaos god of your choice (including evil ‘non chaos’ armies like Greenskins and Vampires).

Each contest is a 1v1 pitch battle with the following scenarios / rules… 

 #1 - Corruption of the Chaos wastes

The environment your army walks into continually changes as your army gets deeper into the unnatural reality of the wastes.

Starting from the 2nd game of the event, you roll a D6 before playing your game to find out what has changed in your environment (affecting both players)… 

  1. Cannibalistic Rage - Emotions become uncontrollable. All units earn the rules eternal hatred, blood greed & frenzy. 

  2. Toxic fume - All weapons (Inc missiles) are poisoned after touching the toxic atmosphere (Auto wounds on a roll to hit of 6). Armour rusts in the air, giving -1 to armour saves (Inc scaly skin type saves). 

  3. Whiteout Fog - A thick mist covers the battlefield. Both players use surprise deployment (A screen is put across the middle of the battlefield. Both players deploy their entire armies at the same time, then the screen is removed to reveal positions of each army). All shooting and magic missile ranges are halved. Guessing range artillery has to add extra 3D6” to the guess distance (they are shooting wildly into the whiteout!) unless the target is within 14”.

  4. Warped Physics. Gravity has become lighter. Everyone has +2” movement (4” for charge). +1 strength for all units because weapons are easier to lift. Great weapons no longer have to fight second. 

  5. Magical surge - The winds of magic blow wild.  +1 to rolls when casting spells. -1 to dispel rolls. No maximum power dice roll. Magic users cause terror. Dwarves are the only exception in these rules as their runes become more powerful in the environment and they get +2 to dispel rolls instead and immune to the terror of the magic users.

  6. Meteor shower - Twin tailed comets fall from the sky, hammering into the battlefield. Each shooting round, place a large round artillery template in the centre of the battle field, then roll a scatter dice to determine which direction and 4d6” to determine how many inches the template moves. Anything under the template has S6 hit. Any partially under template gets S3 hit. 

Plans are in place so you never play the same scenario twice.

#2 The Gods are watching

The four Chaos Gods are keeping a close eye on the progression of the armies heading into the wastes. Hoping to find the chosen one first.

From your second game of the tournament onwards, at the beginning of every round (from the 2nd round onwards), each player rolls a D6. On a roll of 6, a random Greater Daemon of Chaos appears in the centre of the battlefield to be controlled by the person who rolled a 6. If both players rolled a 6, roll again and the highest roll controls the greater daemon.

The Bloodthirster, Great Unclean one, Keeper of Secrets or Lord of Change stays in the game for 2 rounds (the controlling players rounds) and then disappears back into the void.

Daemon Prince Be'lakor is also watching… and might make an appearance.

#3 Keep what you kill

If your Lord kills an enemy character (combat, shooting or magic), you can exchange your Lord's magical weapon, armour or ward (or all) for theirs for the remainder of the event even if their value pushes your army over 2500 points. The ‘wounded’ lord can not use those items again for the entire tournament (but can replace them for items of the same point value). Routed characters do not count as killed and they keep their items. 


Boons will also be provided through the weekend depending on performance.


Games are decided by victory points but if a lord is killed his opponent gets 500 points, if a lord kills another lord (or the lords unit kills the other lords unit) then the victor gets 1000 points.


Whoever has most VP at the end of the weekend is the Everchosen!!! 


There is an early bird ticket price of £39.99 until December 1st (£55 afterwards)  - Book your place now before places full up!


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