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Hi! I’m Dave

I am the guy putting all this nonsense together.

Welcome to a website dedicated to original stories, lore, podcasts and events all based around Warhammer Fantasy.

Firstly, The Tales of The Old World Podcast will include deep dives into the lore of Warhammer fantasy and guest discussions with expert fantasy table top players (who are specialists in one particular race) to give advice for playing as or beating their chosen Warhammer army. Initial episodes upcoming include Nurgle beastmen, Tzeentch warriors, Vampire Counts and Skaven.

Secondly, we'll be putting on regular tabletop tournaments - check out the latest one here.

There will also be regular short stories based in the Old World.


As a screenwriter in my day job, I often get writers block and during these times I have to write ANYTHING but the script I'm working on to get the creative juices flowing again.

One of my loves in life is Warhammer Fantasy and its amazing lore, so as an exercise to stop writers block I started writing short stories (each separately focused on 6 characters from different realms of the Old World):

  • A warrior hunting a Chaos cult.

  • A leader of a slave army escaped from Naggaroth.

  • A necromancers servant who isn't allowed to die.

  • A dark elf Dreadlord invading the Old World.

  • A child of chaos prophesied to be the doom of millions.

  • And some shenanigans of a Night Goblin & Skaven Clan rat forced to work together (rather unsuccessfully).

The stories will  weave together eventually as the characters show up in each others stories, which I think is going to be really fun to both write and read.

I really started to like the stories and I thought it would be a shame that other fans of Warhammer lore cant see these tales, so I've built this website for everyone to read them for free.

There is a good variety of stories too, some are straight horror tales, others are tales of heroism, others of grimdark villainy and one just about a goblin and skaven punching each other in the face occasionally.

These stories will always be free until the day Games Workshop's lawyers inevitable come knocking to tell me to pack it in.  I'll then have to obviously change the settings and races of the characters at that point but hey i'll have a books worth of these stories by then and hopefully some readers who just like the characters, no matter what the universe they are in, so that would be just fine by me.

But until then, I'll be uploading stories each month.

I'm trying to keep them short for you (you can see at the top of each post the reading time of each tale), usually between 7 and 20 minutes so you can squeeze them in where ever you are!

Id love to know what you think of these stories and characters, so please let me know on The Tales of the Old World Facebook page (click here)

To celebrate we are also holding a small Warhammer 6th edition games day in Manchester - feel free to check it out here 

If interested, you can find out more about the the films I've been working on here -

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